0205 – Thundergoat, Now With Swiss Minimalism

Pretty stoked on this lineup.

Lately, I’ve been setting up Thundergoat right up to the point where I have to flip the PA on and start the show – a point at which all my energy has left me and the show would be better served by somebody who’s just there to rock the hosting position. Enter Dustyn Willoughby. We’re in good hands this week. Curious who’ll be hosting the next one.


0204 – Mikey Chan at The Anime Expo

Last weekend we forced Michael Kaye back into a dress and took to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 2014 Anime Expo. The results were most impressive.

As much of a nerd as I am, I could not have felt more out of touch with what was going on around me. I had no idea what 90% of the cosplay was. I think that actually ended up helping us. Everybody was supercool with a lot of the questions and had fun. Definitely going to have to up the ante next time.

Bridal Expo, anybody?

0203 – Creature Feature

Excited to be “featuring” for my first set at the -+*BRaND NeW*+- Irvine Improv.

I’ve got a lot of good friends on this lineup. It’s going to be a super fun night.

0202 – T+T Stories @ The Lexington

Stoked for this!

I’ll be telling the story of ol’ Blackstar Canyon this Tuesday at The Lexington in DTLA. Involves the best (and last) prank I ever pulled with some freaky local history woven through.

201 – Blammagain!

Well looky here.

Still hammering down the lineup. Finding a new musical act is hard, but I’m working on a long term solution. Still, had to put something out.

This is going to be a rad show. Stoked to be following a supercharged installment of Comedy Sucks, too.

Full roster soon.

200 – What The Hell Happened?

Aw man, it’s going to suck when this euphoria drops. Saturday was hands down the best night of Thundergoat ever. Ever!

Such a great crowd – mostly consisting of friends and other comedians. I managed to camouflage myself amongst the most stellar of line-ups. Very happy. Here are some photos I stole from Adam Cozen’s blog. Go pay him a visit.

Keith Carey looking unsettled as always.

Michael Kaye, biting the bullet. Bless him.

Photo by Joseph P. Larkin

Scott Blacks, hosted by his own petard.


And then this happened…

This comment sent me over the moon. Totally didn’t do this on my own.

Scott Blacks hosted his wooden heart-emulator out for 4.5 hours. Ashley Baker lived up to her name and delivered some MONSTER cookies. Ryan Herrera took all kinds of photos – as did anybody with a cell phone. Sydney and Jose did what they cook to keep “Taco Steve” rollin’ until the taco meat and potatoes ran out.

With the open mic as packed as it was, we eventually tuckered out a little after 12am. Should probably put a cap on things earlier next time.

Sorry neighbors.

Next Thundergoat will be “regular strength”.

0199 – Brea’n It

Photo taken by the lovely Nina Sharifi at The Brea Improv. What a fun night.

0198 – The Brea Improv w/ Friendly Frank

Happy to be back at The Brea Improv

Hosted instead by the equally awesome Mardy MacFly!

Yes! I know!


Man. I couldn’t have been happier to troll around behind the scenes for a packed house that was down for something different. Comedy Sucks knocked it out of the park. Grimey Ghost delivered the weird. The standup was great and the Byron Allen panel was some of the most absurd shit ever. I also get a real kick out of seeing my standup friends at my improv theater.

To top it off I stepped in to coach the Fullerton Attack to victory last night in the IFL against the undefeated Newport Academy.

It was a good night.

Then came Saturday.

Another packed house at STAGEStheatre. SpectacleMania IV destroyed! Earlier that day I recorded two Self Indulgent Podcasts.

Today I feel like roadkill.

All worth it.


0196 – Down At SideStage Improv

I’m the panoramic photo guy in your group of friends.


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