0217 – I Proudly Present…

Good lord this lineup rocks!

0216 – Kelly D’s Concrete Landscape

My brother’s got a new EP dropping next month. You’d be wise to catch it.

0215 – Robin Williams

The internet blew up the other day over the passing of Robin Williams. He was literally “one of the greats” – a term that gets passed around much too easily, especially when compared to him. It hit harder than I could have expected. How could somebody that happy and warm decide to check out early?

Reading stories from my friends about him dropping in on a packed indie show as a peer instead of a veteran filled me with a bittersweet joy though. And to be frank, I’m pretty jealous I can’t even entertain the idea of that happening with Thundergoat or any of the Spectacles shows.

There’s a photo of him at The Brea Improv on stage with Jonathan Winters. It always made me smile when I walked by it. They looked like they were having the time of their lives.

So it goes.

0214 – Tony Baloney

Wasn’t as on-point with the camera action this week, but I still managed to snap a photo of Tony Bartalone from Thundergoat.

0213 – Blammerdamdammer

Thundergoat! It’s a thing!

0212 – Biting The Bullet

“Which one of you shall be my bride!”

The Irvine Improv is beeeeeauuuutifullll! Lots of fun. Props to Darryl Blackshere and co for the spot!

0211 – Irvine Improv’s City Stars

This lineup is gnarly! Can’t wait to crack this new venue open with them!

0210 – Metaplugs

Here’s a photo of me explaining where you can see me talk about my other upcoming shows.

0209 – Blammed

Post Blammo photos by Ryan Hererra. What a bro.

Worked up a sweat at the top.

Co-Host Brett Wheeler showing off his imaginary bindi.

OC Cagematch champs Florida Men bringing the longform.

Mike Citera.

Shy But Flyy putting us all in a groove.

0208 – Video Blam!

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